Guiding themes

Design Principles


Make it easier to succeed than to fail.

Goals should be achievable; even small frequent successes can build into big milestones. Celebrate successes. Note failures and suggest adjustments, but guide towards goals. 


Encourage short term habits for long term achievements.

A journey starts with a simple step. Recognize what can be done today, encourage those things, and direct onward one day at a time. 


Keep it light; keep it simple.

The easiest things to use are effortless; they remind and do the work for you. Prioritize tasks and tools towards what drives results.


Find the personal opportunities.

Every person is different with different strength and challenges. Use trends and recognized behaviors to personalize direction.


Focus on what can be controlled.

Managing is part what's given and part what you give. Know what these both are, automate what is out of control, and focus on variables with leverage.



Brand attributes